THE TRADESHOW: Home-based travel retailer

This year, THETRADESHOW (September 13-15, Las Vegas) is reaching out to a constantly-growing market and its unique business needs with education devoted entirely to the home-based retailer. Home-based agents face numerous challenges that more traditional travel agencies don’t typically encounter. For example, unlike with traditional brick-and-mortar agencies, it’s more difficult for supplier sales representatives to meet with home-based agents and develop a personal relationship. Through THETRADESHOW, home-based agents will have unsurpassed access to travel suppliers interested in working with them and who cannot be found at other industry events. For home-based agents, a trade show such as this, with meaningful and relevant education framed within the context of the home-based agency business, it is an economic necessity not a luxury.

As president of the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA), Scott Koepf knows what it takes to be a home-based travel agent. He shared: “I have been in the retail travel business for over 25 years. In that time, I have owned two travel agencies, run two of the largest travel franchise groups, as well as managed one of the largest host agencies in the United States. My passion for training and helping travel agents succeed is constantly growing, and I make it a point to not just attend, but participate in almost all major industry events and conventions.

“I am excited to be hosting three invaluable seminars this year at THETRADESHOW. The first is called, The Top Ten Decisions and Actions that Home Based and Independent Agents Need for Success! On Monday, September 14, join me to count down how you can become one of the top agents in the business! Whether you are new to travel or a 30-year veteran, you will benefit from a simple yet powerful program designed to help you reach and exceed your goals!

“Later that Monday afternoon, you can’t miss Marvelous Marketing! Finally a simple and logical approach to marketing is available through this workshop! Through an interactive process, we will discover the vision for your business, your brand and position in the marketplace, your goals, and the strategies and tactics to reach them! No fancy terminology, overwhelming statistics, or confusing concepts are presented – just a program that provides a marketing plan that you can understand and use.

“Next, I will jump right into The Ultimate Sales Seminar. Most sales training focuses on techniques and skills with fancy names and manipulative results. While I provide specific tools, I will also introduce a process and style that can be personalized to each individual. By using the sales system provided, the goal changes from completing a transaction to creating a lifetime client. Through examples, stories and personal insights, you will learn a new and totally unique way to look at selling that will significantly impact results!”

Another session you might want to consider is Gary Fee and Anita Pagliasso’s Don’t Just Survive! Learn how to THRIVE as a home-based agent. You will come away from this comprehensive seminar with the necessary tools to pump up your business from flat-line to prosperity. Learn fun and innovative marketing skills, pros and cons of taking a business home for brick-and-mortar agencies, 30-second marketing, how to build a sales force of 30 for under US$500 per year, what’s new regarding supplier acceptance of ID codes, effective CRM tools for home-based agents, business management skills, and much more.

For more information on the panels and sessions mentioned here or THETRADESHOW, please call 1.866.870.9333 or visit Be sure to stay up to date on the show as the schedule is constantly updated.