Stormy weather extends Grenada’s carnival


Torrential downpour on Tuesday has resulted in an extension to Grenada’s carnival by one day.

Grenada Carnival Committee chairman Colin Dowe said that the parade of the bands that was scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th, was postponed due to the inclement weather, which was caused by a tropical wave that showered the island with more than 2 inches of rain within five hours in certain areas.

“This decision was reached after consultation with the Grenada Mas Band Association recognizing that sunlight is a critical component of showcasing the spectacle of fancy ‘mas.’ The prevailing conditions meant that the hard work put out in the last six months or so would not have received the platform it deserved if revelers took to the streets,” he said in a national radio and television address on Tuesday afternoon.

Dowe said that the Grenada Carnival Committee is committed to having all aspects of the carnival shown and, as such, had discussions with representatives from the private sector, labor movement and government in order to determine an appropriate date for the rescheduling of the activities. 

“At the end of these discussions the Grenada Carnival Committee was advised by the government that the parade of the bands will be facilitated on Saturday, August 15, and a declaration of a public half holiday made,” he said. “The Grenada Carnival Committee apologizes for this postponement and thanks everyone — visitors and residents — alike for the unwavering support given during the 2009 season.”

Despite the recession and the threat of the H1N1 virus, Grenada carnival events recorded some of the biggest crowd since 2004. The Soca Monarch Show had sold out crowd, while the Calypso Monarch Show had more than 3000 attendees – up by more than 200 percent since 2002, according to committee member Dexter Mitchell.

The announcement of the additional day did not stop revelers from taking to the streets as thousands, especially in the rural parishes, braved the weather and enjoyed the final official hours of Spice Mas 2009.