Americans choose Fiji as their preferred holidays destination


Tourism Fiji says its welcomes the rating and that Americans choose Fiji Islands as their preferred holidays destination

Tourism Fiji Chairman Patrick Wong said it was critical for long-term benefits the industry.

“Fiji’s affordability is timely in light of the current climate with the global financial crisis,” he said.

“Our recovery process addresses the ongoing concerns that Fiji’s competitive advantage should never be at price point but “value for money”.

Mr Wong was responding to reports that Fiji had been rated among the top 15 cheapest countries for American travellers during the current recession in the US financial market.

Website says, “Fiji is one of the many places that has suddenly become more affordable to American travellers’.

It went on to say that a recent 20 per cent devaluation of the Fiji dollar coupled with a 40 per cent gain by the greenback means that US$100 currently buys FJ$204 on the ground.

In welcoming the rating Tourism Fiji’s Regional Director Ili Matatolu said she was hopeful that Americans would take advantage of this extremely favorable exchange rates and fantastic deals available from their industry partners for 2009