Skal proactive on Influenza A


As Influenza A continues to be a challenge for mankind, Skål International has joined forces with Johnson Diversey to develop a website dedicated for Skål members and the tourism Industry with the latest information on the developments.

The site,, is available in 14 languages and provides useful information about preventative measures that can be taken.

President Hulya Aslantas, launching the site, commented that the speed with which the illness is capable of spreading is worrying, and after so many years, it is the only pandemic that alerted the WHO to a Phase 6 level. Governments are taking measures against the possible rise in cases with the onset of autumn in the northern hemisphere, and many have already ordered vaccines pronounced in millions.

When we look at things from a wider perspective of sustainability, we have to make sure that our business also survives next to our own survival for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, the news of the pandemic might slow down our industry, affecting our business.

In that respect, without being alarmed, Hulya Aslantas has reminded Skål members of the proactive role they can play to educate all concerned, starting with families, employees, and the members of the hospitality industry in our respective communities. It is very important that we have good knowledge about Influenza A and take the necessary precautions against it. Currently the one and only precautionary method is through hygiene and cleanliness.

The web site is constantly being updated with the latest news, links on the subject, and the most recent addition, “Influenza A – Hygiene checklist,” is a useful tool for the industry, which she recommends everyone to apply.

Johnson Diversey, one of the worlds largest partners in the field of hygiene in the hospitality industry, is a partner of Skål International and supports their various projects on sustainable development in tourism, including the Ecotourism Awards now in their 8th year.

President Hulya Aslantas encourages all professionals and leaders in the travel and tourism industry to visit the site and take an active role in fighting this threat.