Hawaii Tourism Authority hopes to stimulate short-term travel from North America


HONOLULU, HI — The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)’s marketing committee announced today that it has approved US$4.1 million from the marketing opportunity fund that will go to the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau for initiatives that will help to stimulate short-term arrivals to Hawaii.

“We are very optimistic by the increase in visitors from the US west in May and June,” said Mike McCartney, president and CEO of HTA. “The additional funding from the marketing opportunity fund will allow us to aggressively target our core market and boost travel to Hawaii.”

In addition, the marketing committee is recommending the approval of its 2010 Annual Tourism Marketing Plans (ATMP) for its major markets. The ATMPs will be presented at the next HTA board meeting for approval.

“In developing the 2010 marketing plans, we challenged our marketing partners to be more effective and efficient and to look for new opportunities to market Hawaii in this changing world. We are confident that these plans will be the catalyst to help stimulate our industry,” said McCartney.

Upon approval by the HTA board, details of the 2010 ATMPs are scheduled to be presented to the public by HTA’s marketing partners on Friday, August 28 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority was created in 1998 to ensure a successful visitor industry well into the future. Its mission is to strategically manage Hawaii tourism in a sustainable manner consistent with our economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, community desires, and visitor industry needs. For more information on the HTA, please visit www.hawaiitourismauthority.org.