Plan to launch tourism for Murraylands


Tourism will be worth $147 million per year to the Murraylands, South Australia if a new tourism strategy announced on Friday is successful.

The Murraylands Tourism Partnership (MTP), launched from the Murray Princess paddle steamer, will aim to increase visitation to the region through the cooperative efforts of tourism operators, governments and business by 2013.

MTP chairman Ken Coventry told a crowd of about 100 onboard the Murray Princess a collaborative approach would help the partnership achieve its goals.

“I want to reinforce again that one of the major planks in the working of the MTP will be cooperation amongst our partners, key stakeholders and communities that we serve in delivering enhanced tourism outcomes for our communities, our region and our State,” he said.

Tourism is worth $22 million per year to the regional economy, or 6.2 per cent of the gross regional product, with 1117 related jobs equating to 7pc of the region’s workforce.

Mr Coventry said the partnership aimed to increase the tourism contribution to $147 million by 2013.

“The (Murraylands Integrated Regional Strategic Tourism) Plan gives us a mechanism to achieve that,” he said.

Mr Coventry said the Murraylands currently accounted for 5pc of South Australia’s visitor expenditure but had 8pc of visitors.

“That means we can do better and part of that is to focus on the fact that we’re a day visitor’s centre,” he said.

He said the partnership would work towards developing holiday packages that would retain visitors in the region for several days at a time by focusing on multi-faceted tourism experiences rather than individual attractions.