Syrian-Algerian Trade Relations Witness Great Development also for Tourism


The Syrian-Algerian relations have witnessed great development during the past years, particularly following President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to Algeria in 2002 which gives big impetus to the bilateral cooperation in various domains.

The formation of the Syrian-Algerian Higher Joint Committee and the Syrian-Algerian Businessmen Council constitute the real core for the foundation of the economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Chairman of the Syrian-Algerian Businessmen Council Mohammed Abu al-Huda al-Laham expressed the two countries’ desire for improving bilateral relations and increasing the volume of trade exchange through the formation of joint committees in order to developing relations and facilitating trade operations.

He described Algeria as a promising country, particularly in economic investment field, where a number of Syrian companies invest in the fields of oil, medicine, roads and bridges. During the past years, the Syrian exports witnessed a remarkable improvement where it reached S.P. 261 million in 2007 compared to its imports which reached S.P. 21 million according to the statistics of the Foreign Trade issued by the Statistics Central Office.

Laham called for increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two countries through organizing of reciprocal exhibitions, supporting investment, preventing double taxation and holding periodical meetings.

He underlined that Syria will occupy a leading position in the trade exchange process during the future stage, particularly through the Encouragement of Exports Council.

For his part, the Commercial Attaché at the Algerian Embassy in Damascus, Ali Saedi said that “the convening of the current session of the Syrian-Algerian Higher Joint Committee, which started in Algeria yesterday, aims at studying the extent of carrying out the decisions and recommendations which were issued by the pervious meeting of the committee in addition to suggesting new draft agreements to include mail, communication, media, sport, tourism, economy and trade fields”.

Saedi added that the signed agreements contribute in pushing the various cooperation tracks between the two countries forwards, enhancing Arab solidarity, integrating the Human resources and potentials in facing the standing challenges.

The Syrian-Algerian Higher Joint Committee, which held its meeting in Damascus at the beginning of the current year, wrapped up its first meeting by signing 11 cooperation agreements, protocols and executive programs in agricultural, trade, exports, health, social affairs, higher education, scientific research and cultural cooperation fields.