Training for tourist guides in Riyadh


Dr. Saleh Al-Bakhit, vice president, SCTA for investment sector, patronized the closing ceremony of the second training session on “The tourist guide skills” on Wednesday morning. The training session was held at the Hotel Golden Tulip, Al Tawon in Riyadh. The course was conducted by SCTA in cooperation with the National Museum and Al Masmak museum, and it was attended by 15 licensed guides in the presence of three certified instructors from the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Cyprus.

The training course included many lectures delivered by the director of the Project of Tourism Guidance in SCTA, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Rakban; Dr. Abdul Aziz Hazah, director of training and profession methods with the National Project of Tourism Human Resources Development (Takamul); and Mr. Dawood Al Wadi, director of the Project of Tourism Travel Agencies.

Course topics included “tourism guidance on foot,” “tourism guidance in museums,” and “tourism guidance on tourist buses.” Several useful tips on tourism guidance in the National Museum and Al Masmak palace were deliberated. Mr. Dawood Al Wadi said the training course is in accordance with the criteria of WFTGA.

Eng. Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al Essa, director general of the Department of Licensing and Quality, said that SCTA plays a key role in providing development opportunities for its partners in the tourism sector in various parts of the kingdom. He added that it will continue to make the necessary efforts to support human resources. He also said that SCTA is keen to upgrade all the elements of tourism in the kingdom by focusing on human resources as an important deriver for this sector.

For his part, the executive director of the PTO, Riyadh Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Jasas, expected that the profession of “tourist guide” will be in great demand in Riyadh from tour operators. He added that the PTO Riyadh is keen to communicate with the tourism guidance bureaus in the province in this connection.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Rakban invited those who wish to join tourism guidance professions, to visit SCTA’s website to review licensing requirements and conditions for tourism guides, as well as filling out the related application from.

He further explained that the General Department of Licensing and Quality stipulates that the applicant for a “tourist guide” must be a Saudi citizen; at least 21 years of age; and be of good conduct, medically fit, and free of disabilities that may impact the exercise of his functions; as well as he should successfully pass the personal interview conducted by the SCTA. He said that the test for obtaining a tourist guide license will detect the minimum personal capabilities and general information in the field of human science in the incumbent.

Dr. Hazaa, called on Saudi youth to join the profession of tourist guides, explaining that the profession does not require a full-time duty and is an opportunity to increase one’s personal income.