Completely naked, a British tourist held local police forces in a stalemate while swimming in the moat of the Imperial Palace, one of Japan’s most sacred and revered places.

The police managed to stop him after a long distance showdown. The large bald man repeatedly threw stones at police agents before coming out of the water and charging them with a stick. Finally he jumped back into the moat, looked for a way out, climbed the wall again, and was caught.

Japanese television said that the tourist was there with 5 other Spanish tourists visiting the Imperial Palace located in the heart of Tokyo when he said that his luggage fell into the moat. While the others looked for help he began to empty his pockets and unclothe and then jumped into the water.

At first police agents approached him by boat and threw him a life vest, but then they realised that the man, who was throwing rocks and thrashing in the water, had no intention of ‘being saved’. When he finally decided to come out he grabbed a stick and charged the officers while still naked before being forced back into the water.

The police only managed to get a hold of him only when he came out for a second time. Most of the Imperial Palace is strictly off-limits to the public save for special occasions such as the Emperor’s birthday and New Year, when the Imperial family appears on the balcony to greet the crowds. But the entire surrounding area is a place where locals enjoy jogging, sunbathing or, more simply, a book.