‘Tired’ tourist airlifted from Table Mountain


An American tourist had to be rescued after he took a wrong turn hiking on Table Mountain and became stuck on a ledge on Monday.

The Metro Red Cross Air Mercy Service helicopter dropped off a rescuer and medic and they tried to walk the man down India Venster ravine.

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The man said he was too tired, and the helicopter had to return from its base at Cape Town International Airport to airlift him to the bottom of the mountain.

Once safely off the mountain, the American did not need medical attention.

Moments after being dropped off by the helicopter, the American, who appeared to be fine, shook the hands of his rescuers, but told the Cape Times he would not speak to the press.

Kevin Tromp, of Wilderness Search and Rescue, which organised the operation, said: “(The American) got stuck on a little ledge and was too nervous to move up or down.

“He phoned and asked for help.

“The friends with him left and made it to the top of the mountain.”

Tromp said the rescue helicopter had dropped a Wilderness Search and Rescue member and medic on the mountain near the man.

They would have walked him down the mountain had the American been fit. But he was too tired to continue walking, so the helicopter was asked to return.

The helicopter arrived an hour later and could be seen hovering above where the tourist was trapped.

It flew him to the bottom of the mountain, where the American alighted and spoke to his rescuers for a few minutes before being driven away.