KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) – Having been granted an Air Operator Certification (AOC) by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Fly540 has now acquired and put on the Ugandan registry initially two converted F27 freighters.

The aircraft will operate out of Entebbe into the region and provide sufficient capacity to cater for transit air cargo destined beyond Entebbe.

Often times in the past cargo reached Uganda by air through European or Middle Eastern airlines on pallets, but then had to be delivered by truck to its final destination in Eastern Congo or Southern Sudan due to lack of adequate palletized or loose cargo capacity. This problem has now finally been solved to the relief of air cargo agents in Entebbe.

News are also expected on passenger operations originating from Uganda’s main aviation gateway, so watch this space for breaking news on Fly540’s plans.

Obtaining an AOC for Fly540 was an expensive duplication of a process already in place in Kenya but required by stubborn regulators still unwilling or unable to delegate part of their oversight and control functions to another East African Community member state Civil Aviation Authority.