Gloucester Cathedral tourism gets a boost from Harry Potter


London – Keepers of Gloucester Cathedral in England have expressed their joy at the filming of Harry Potter in their ancient building, as it has helped restore public interest in it. The establishment received almost 10,000 pounds per day from Warner Bros. Studios to use it as the backdrop for the Hogwarts School in scenes for ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.

Buzz up!”It’s been absolutely wonderful having the filming here. The Cathedral costs 5,000 pounds a day to run, that’s paying musicians, and keeping the building open,” the Daily Star quoted Bairbre Lloyd, Cathedral operations manager, as saying. Harry Potter fans from across the world visit the place adding to the revenue.

He said: “In terms of filming, without that revenue, we have to raise money from other sources. It’s a fabulous resource and a great income stream to have.” The site has been used in the last five wizard flicks too. “With the first two films, we had around 50,000 extra visitors, so it’s been really good for us.”