ASTA announces officials election results


ASTA announced today the following ASTA members have been certified by George Delanoy, ASTA National Treasurer, as elected to serve in the respective offices indicated.

Newly-elected national directors-at-large who will serve for a two-year term, in alphabetical order:

Patrick Byrne
Dan Lanser
Nina Meyer
Irene Ross
Hope Wallace

National Directors serving the second year of their two-year terms include:

Lila Ford
Chris Russo
Kari Thomas
Carol Wagner

The incumbent board of directors will convene in August and elect from the above nine directors-at-large the new executive committee. The executive committee is composed of the president and chairman, vice president and secretary, treasurer, the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) president, and ASTA’s CEO (non-voting). The new board will come together for the first time in September at THETRADESHOW.

ASTA’s governance structure calls for a board of directors that consists of nine national directors elected at-large for two-year, staggered terms, three chapter presidents, the chair of the International Chapter Presidents’ Council (ICPC), and two Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) members. At its recent meeting, the Chapter Presidents Council elected the following chapter presidents to sit on the board: John Lovell (Great Lakes Chapter and CPC Chair), Susan Aft (Southeast Chapter), and Karl Rosen (Orange County Chapter).
The following is a list of uncontested chapter positions:

Carolinas Chapter
President – Janice Adkins
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Brenda Newsome
Treasurer – Kaye Jones

Central Atlantic Chapter
President – Larry Swerdlin
1st Vice President – Richard Schwartz
2nd Vice President – Mary Peters
Secretary – Heather Dolstra
Treasurer – Karen Fogarty

Connecticut Chapter
President – Mary Jo Cohen
1st Vice President – Eric Ardolino
Secretary – Martha Kirsche
Treasurer – Karen Fogarty

Delaware Valley Chapter
President – Donna Thomas
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Maya Northen
Treasurer – Vacant

Great Lakes Chapter
President – John Lovell
Vice President- MI – Joanne Kochneff
Vice President – WI – Donna Schmitz
Secretary – Kathryn Ayala Parker
Treasurer – Lisa Hoppe

Hawaii Chapter
President – Ray Miyashiro
Vice President/Secretary – Patricia Tervola
Treasurer – Rodney Lau

Long Island Chapter
President – Steve Powers
1st Vice President – Carol McParland
2nd Vice President – Gerlad Mack
Secretary – Laura Carroll
Treasurer – Nilda Pinales

Mid-America Chapter
President – Chris Seddelmeyer
Vice President – Bill Coyle
2nd Vice President – Robert Elking
Secretary – Barbara Markham
Treasurer – Barbara Mazzola

New England Chapter
President – Mike Spinelli
Vice President – Gabe Garavanian
Secretary – Robert Poland
Treasurer – Thomas Moore

Maine (Subchchapter)
President – Cheryl Delisle
Vice President – Matricia Musser
Secretary – Kathy Sawyer
Treasurer – Tricia Peightal

New York City Chapter
President – Allice Tillem
Vice President – Ralph Vasami
Secretary – Simone Bassous
Treasurer – Melissa Cruz
VP – Bronx/Westchester – Leslie Joseph
VP – Brooklyn/Staten Island – Robert Paradiso
VP – Queens – Jack Tillem
VP – Manhattan – Joann Armine-Castigliola

Northern California Chapter
President – Scott Pinheiro
1st Vice President – Marilyn Bell Zelaya
2nd Vice President – Giselle Nunez
Secretary – Paul Demers
Treasurer – Ginger Minoletti

Orange County Chapter
President – Karl Rosen
1st Vice President – Janice Kirksey
2nd Vice President – Staci Fialkoff
Secretary – Dick DeRose
Treasurer – Elizabeth (Betty) Cox

San Diego Chapter
President – Merris Gold Drew
1st Vice President – Junior Chaperon
2nd Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Donna Caruso
Treasurer – Barbara Jenkins-Lee

Upstate New York Chapter
President – Robert Endres
Vice President/Secretary – Frederick Wood
Treasurer – John Giordano

The mission of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge, and the enhancement of professionalism. ASTA seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable and growing and a rewarding field in which to work, invest, and do business.