Xpress Hotels & Resorts – the first to operate Oasis® in Japan


Established in 2007, Xpress Hotels & Resorts currently owns three hotels, varying from a traditional Japanese-style hotel in Nasu-Shiobara called Aizuya, to a business hotel in Miyazaki called Hotel Plaza Miyazaki, and a business hotel in Sapporo called the Hamilton Sapporo.

As of July 1, 2009, Xpress Hotels & Resorts will be the first hotel company to operate the property management system, “Oasis.” Oasis, a hospitality software developer with its base in Hong Kong, has installed two licenses of its Property Management System (PMS) at the Xpress Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Plaza Miyazaki, and The Aizuya in Japan.

July 1 marks the alive date of Oasis at Hotel Plaza Miyazaki, a 164-room business resort at Miyazaki City on the Kyushu Island of Japan. John Chan, sales director and co-owner at Oasis, stated: “It has been exciting for us to install the system in Japan for the first time – likewise it was challenging to adapt the program’s parameters for the usage in the country. We had work[ed] for more than 2 months and are excited to seeing our first hotel using the Japanese version of Oasis. We are confident to soon proceed with more installations.”

Oasis is a state-of-the-art system based on the latest software design specs, entirely based on Windows with a very high grade of user friendliness and speed. Hardware requirements are minimal, as a LINUX operated system is working on the web – a standard resident server configuration with a Xenon 3000 processor, 2 gigabytes of base memory, and 100 GB SATA hard disk suffice to run Oasis. Workstations require a minimum configuration, which include Internet Explorer and Windows Vista or an earlier module. Oasis can be accessed from anywhere at any time, which makes it easy to remotely monitor the hotel’s operation and performance.

Oasis has offices in Hong Kong and Guangdong and is constantly upgrading its products. The company has numerous clients and boasts installations in Macau (Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino, Lisboa Hotel, SJM Casinos, Macau Regency Hotel, Pousads Sao Tiago, Macau Airport food and beverage operations, and Ponte 16 Casino food and beverage operations).

Thomas Egloff, managing director at XPHR stated, “We are proud of being the first Oasis user in Japan and are looking forward to soon going alive at our second hotel, The Aizuya in Nasu-Shioabara.”

About Xpress Hotels & Resorts
Xpress Hotels & Resorts was established in 2007 and it owns and operates three hotels in Japan.

The Hamilton Sapporo is a 104-room business hotel, located in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is a mid-scale hotel suitable for business and leisure. Facilities include a café, restaurant, esthetic and hair salon, as well as meetings rooms of various sizes. www.the-hamilton.com

Aizuya is a Japanese home-style hotel (“ryokan”), offering 22 rooms and hot-spring baths. With the cozy environment and authentic Japanese hospitality, the hotel is a perfect place to indulge and unwind oneself. Aizuya is conveniently located in Nasu-Shiobara, only a one-hour train ride from Tokyo, followed by a complimentary shuttle ride through sightseeing spots and attractive nature on the way. The hotel presents a fusion of modernity and tradition, and guests may enjoy its fascinating cuisine with local ingredients. The guests are received with welcome gifts and much more. Female guests certainly will enjoy the women’s floor and the adjacent beauty spa. www.aizuya.net

On the southern island, the group owns and operates a business resort hotel. Hotel Plaza Miyazaki, with 164 rooms, is accessible from all of the major cities in Japan, as well as from the local airport, city center, and sightseeing spots. It offers a comprehensive choice of rooms, various restaurants, extensive banquet facilities, and event options. Guests are able to relax and enjoy the hot-spring spa and the scenic view of the Oyodo River from the guest rooms. A pleasant river walk is just at the doorstep of the hotel, and the bustling city center can be reached within a 5-minute stroll. www.hpmiyazaki.co.jp

For more information please contact: Misao Shiraishi, Xpress Hotels & Resorts, shiraishi@japanxpress.co.jp, +81 (3) 3541-4967.