Cuba updates COVID-19 entry rules for foreign tourists

Cuba updates COVID-19 entry rules for foreign tourists

Cuban authorities announced that the country has updated the conditions of entry for foreign tourists.

Tourists will have to fill out a special form about their health status prior to their arrival to the island. Upon arrival, foreigners will have thermometry at the airport. A free PCR test for coronavirus will also be administered there. The result of the analysis will be available within the next 24 hours after arrival.

If a person arriving in the country does not have insurance that covers COVID-19, then they will have to purchase Cuban health insurance for $30.

Every hotel in Cuba will have a medical team, which will include a doctor, nurse and epidemiologist. They will monitor the health of tourists and employees. If a tourist’s PCR test is positive, he will be hospitalized, and relatives and friends who have arrived with him will be isolated in a specially designated quarantine zone of the hotel.

Guests can move around the hotel without masks, while observing a social distance, only hotel staff are required to wear masks.

However, during the transfer to and from the hotel, tourists will be required to wear masks.

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