THAI is first airline in the world to use Dynamic SIM Tool Kit system


Thai Airways International Limited is the first airline in the world to have developed 3G technology to help THAI crew members prepare for flight. THAI effectively introduced and implemented 3G mobile technology as part of its flight crew and cabin crew information management systems, making access to flight information easier and more efficient than ever before.

The project, called “THAI Going Forward,” employs advanced 3G technology for the further improvement of information technology systems for crew members to use prior to flight. THAI, as the first airline using 3G technology for operations and passenger interface and introducing Smart SIM known as the Dynamic SIM Tool Kit or DSTK, believes this technology will further enhance on-board service.

Flying officer Naruj Komalarajun, THAI’s vice president for the operations support department, said “THAI Going Forward” has introduced new IT systems for THAI’s crew members that will add to their efficiency and pre-flight preparation.

For example, use of SMS Query is a convenient mobile phone device for flight preparation. Crew members will be able to retrieve information such as flight schedules and other data to prepare for their flights.

THAI has initiated the SMS Query system at no cost to the airline with investment from three telecommunications networks – AIS, DTAC, and True.

Flying officer Porpong Sanpakit, THAI’s acting vice president for the flight operations department and special activities advisor, said it was good economics for THAI to use such advanced technology with no investment from the airline. It follows the company’s policy of reducing costs wherever possible during the global economic crisis.

However, flying officer Porpong Sanpakit said THAI must still maintain its “magnificent standard of service and continue to develop its service quality.”

A “THAI Going Forward” promotion with the 3G technology was held recently, launching services with frontline users. THAI, AIS, DTAC, and True participated in the event with special promotions and products.