Have you noticed how sleazy the junk emails from Spirit Airlines have become? Subject lines like “We’re having a threesome,” “We’re proud of our DDs,” “Don’t go south without protection,” “Need some strange?” or “Barely legal fares – from only 18ยข” are totally inappropriate for an airline that markets family vacation destinations. Let’s not forget their trashy-titled marketing push, the “M.I.L.F sale.”

When conceptualized in conjunction with the other sexually provocative catch phrases, their “red light” specials’ signature mark sinks swiftly into the gutter.

When I fly to Las Vegas, it’s not because “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” it’s because I like Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, and Celine Dion concerts. No thank you, Spirit Airlines, I’m happily married and I don’t “need some strange.”

Can you imagine on an airplane full of children headed to Disney World hearing a kid ask his mother “Mommy, what is a M.I.L.F.?”

What is the likelihood that Spirit Airlines has no clue that M.I.L.F. refers to a “Mom I’d like to [fornicate].”

As if their [Spirit Airlines] marketing personnel have never seen American Pie nor ever had internet access.

This is such an assault on women everywhere. Women are not pieces of meat for corporations to exploit.

Of course, many corporations will stoop to any level to snare a customer; Spirit has their “mullet sale.” According to phrases.org.UK , “A mullet, which is (literally) a fish reportedly so stupid that it will take almost any bait, was adopted as slang by stock brokerage “boiler room” operators as a term for an investor gullible enough to fall for any sales pitch revolving around a “story” stock.” Does Spirit Airlines consider Americans so stupid they will fall for any sale, even their “mullet” sale?

What kind of integrity does Spirit Airlines have? If I weren’t a travel agent I’d totally ignore them, but since I earn my living in the same industry as they, their behavior reflects on all sellers of travel.

This week, Spirit Airlines unveiled plans to sell space on overhead bins, tray tables and window panels to advertisers. What kind of filth (pun intended) could we find on Spirit Airlines’ tray tables? I hope I don’t have to see ads on liftable tray tables that read: “Viagra helps you get it up.”