Azerbaijani Association of Tourism Agencies wants to cancel VAT for tourism companies


Given the need for attention and state support for tourism in Azerbaijant, the association is preparing a package which includes exemption of local travel agencies from VAT (18%). This measure would ensure further development of tourism in the country, Azerbaijani Association of Travel Agencies Nahid Bagirov said.

In Azerbaijan, there are more and more travel agencies against the backdrop of a relatively small amount of the tourist market. I think increase in the number of travel agencies is positive. But at the same time, I must say that some of the new agencies in the tourist market using dumping (lower) prices. In such circumstances it is very difficult to work. Each company is trying to use new, cheaper, but not the real prices or using other methods. For this reason, it is more difficult to work for companies that really have a tourist service and guaranteed quality of service.