Maharlika – therapeutic massage and royal pampering


At Six Senses Destination Spa-Phuket, daily life for guests and hosts is shaped by the SLOW LIFE principles: Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wholesome
Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences. Two of these principles, Wholesome and Experiences, are at the forefront of Maharlika, a massage which originated in the Philippines and was favored by the royal entourage of King Philip of Spain during the Spanish occupation of that country.

Victor Quemuel, Maharlika re-creator and specialist, combined his knowledge of this traditional therapy to establish what has become the new Maharlika. No less majestic than that which he inherited from his Philippine ancestors – with their years of insights and experience with holistic therapies – it is now even more enlightened and enriching.

The therapy relaxes body, mind, and spirit. It assists with relieving physical imbalances, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, and generally stimulates the energy flow throughout the body.

The fusion of Thai, Shiatsu, Filipino, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Javanese massage techniques creates a euphoric experience that takes relaxation and pampering to a new level of body revival and pain relief. Its therapeutic effect is due to the gentle, subtle mobilization of fascia, the connective tissue that weaves throughout the human body connecting and supporting all organs, bones, nerves, vessels, and muscles. Fascia is easily impacted by toxins or inflammation, leading to pain, which has a root cause that may go virtually unnoticed and unaddressed for prolonged periods of time.

Maharlika aims at releasing this pain by not only concentrating on the areas of discomfort, but the entire system leading to spontaneous healing and pain relief.

However, one does not need to suffer from pain due to connective tissue problems or other causes to thoroughly enjoy this holistic therapeutic massage. A Maharlika treatment with Victor never fails to leave a lasting impression – either way.

Victor relocated from his long-time home of London this past May to bring his sought-after expertise back to Asia by becoming a resident master and consultant at Six Senses Destination Spa-Phuket, where the unique treatment has fast become a guest favorite and one of the top treats of royal pampering.

Ultimate treatments begin with the 120-minute, all-encompassing Maharlika Face and Body Ritual. The 70-minute standard is a fabulous alternative, and an abbreviated 45-minute session is a wonderful introduction to the wonders of Maharlika.