Over 31 million tourists visit Austria in 2007


VIENNA – Austria, a country which has a population of 8.2 million, registered a record 31.1 million tourists in 2007, a 3.3 percent increase over the previous year, the Austrian statistics office said on Friday.

According to the office, two thirds of the tourists, or 20.76 million, were foreigners.

Austria is a favorite destination for tourists from the eastern European countries, with a 75.3 percent increase in bed nights for Romanians, followed by a 35.6 percent rise for Bulgarians, 24.7 percent for Russians and 15.9 percent for Polish.

The foreign tourists’ average duration of stay in Austria dropped to 3.9 days from 6.5 days recorded 30 years ago.

The tourists preferred luxury hotels. The number of bed nights of five-star and four-star hotels rose by 3.6 percent to 41 million, while that of three-star went up by 1.2 percent to 26.85 million.