MANAMA, Bahrain (September 25, 2008) – Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air has, with other leading airlines, Boeing and Honeywell’s UOP, a refining technology developer, established a group whose aim is to accelerate the advancement of new and sustainable aviation fuels.

The group will receive advice from the world’s leading environmental organizations, such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and the World Wildlife Fund. The group’s charter is to facilitate the commercial use of renewable fuel sources. All group members subscribe to a sustainability pledge which requires any sustainable biofuel to perform with a smaller carbon lifecycle. Their goal is to reduce impacts to the biosphere while at the same time cultivating plant stocks that will provide socioeconomic value to the local communities.

“Gulf Air has always been a pioneering airline, and this agreement underlines our commitment to actually tackling climate change through the introduction of clean and green technologies,” said Gulf Air chief executive officer Mr. Björn Näf.

“Gulf Air’s goals for innovation, sustainability and greener flying are bold and comprehensive. By being actively involved in this biofuel initiative, Gulf Air believes it can play a key role in addressing today’s environmental challenges and help build a better future for our children, the local community and the world.”

Gulf Air’s chief strategy officer Tero Taskila, who is heading the biofuel initiative as part of the airline’s newly-launched corporate social responsibility initiative agreed. “Our long term CSR vision combines economic benefit with conservation and sustainability. The biofuel program is one of our first initiatives towards achieving our vision, which we hope in the long run will result in substantial return on investment for all the stakeholders,” said Mr. Taskila. “Airlines that have introduced next generation sustainability programs have already seen substantial cost savings while efficiently managing their carbon footprint,” he concluded.