Preliminary agreement in the works between Green Globe International and Green Seal


Green Globe International, Inc. announced today a preliminary agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding with Green Seal, Inc. under which the two brands will explore opportunities to collaborate to promote sustainability on a global scale.

Green Seal has been developing environmental standards since 1989. These environmental standards include requirements to reduce, to the extent technologically and economically feasible, the environmental and health impacts associated with services and the manufacture, use, and end-of-life or life cycle of products. Set on a category-by-category basis, Green Seal’s environmental standards focus on significant opportunities to reduce a product or service’s environmental impact.

Green Seal has standards for cleaning products and services, building products, lodging properties, paper products, and many other categories. Green Seal is also actively developing new standards.

Green Seal has played an important role in helping to shape policy at the national and international levels and the market transformation towards the purchase and use of more sustainable products and services.

The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to express the mutual interests of Green Globe International and Green Seal in sustainability certification and to outline potential areas of collaboration. Comparing standards and certification systems, mutual recognition, and collaboration and partnership, opportunities will be explored with the goal of fulfilling the missions of each organization.

“We are very pleased to have reached this preliminary agreement with Green Seal, which has a long and distinguished history in green certifications, particularly in the US market,” stated Green Globe International CEO and managing director Steven R. Peacock. “The potential for collaboration between Green Globe and Green Seal appears to be significant, and we look forward to fully exploring these opportunities and others that are presented as our relationship moves forward.”

Green Seal president and CEO Arthur Weissman, Ph.D. said, “The Green Globe program has established itself in markets around the world, particularly in the international tourism and hospitality industries. We are currently exploring a number of potential projects where Green Globe and Green Seal can work together to deliver our respective environmental certifications to a variety of businesses in the United States.”

The Green Globe brand and program, which traces its roots back to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 heads of state endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of sustainable development, has primarily been used in the travel and tourism industry but is now being expanded to include a growing number of environmentally responsible businesses in a variety of market sectors. The Green Globe brand is an ideal symbol for the world’s increasing awareness of environmental responsibility and response to global climate change.

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About Green Globe International, Inc.

Green Globe International, Inc. is the worldwide owner of the Green Globe brand, which includes the leading sustainability certification and benchmarking programs, carbon footprint calculation and offset programs, and a broad range of consulting services. Green Globe International has been admitted as an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the business leaders’ forum for the travel and tourism industry, is a 5 percent common stock owner of Green Globe International.

About Green Seal, Inc.

Green Seal was established in 1989 as an independent non-profit organization. As a 3rd-party ecolabel, Green Seal uses science-based standards and the power of the marketplace to create a more sustainable world. Green Seal is dedicated to safeguarding the health of people and environment by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally-responsible products and services. For more information on Green Seal, visit