Fairtheworld launches full cooperative plan with global four- and five-star hotels


Under the economic recession, the hotel industry around the globe is suffering a business downturn. The drastic drop of international trade has greatly reduced the customer source of these hotels. Meanwhile, the H1N1 epidemic has seriously shocked the tourism market, and in turn significantly reduced the amount of tourists, which is a main potential customer group for hotels.

The four- and five-star hotels, targeting mainly high-end businesspersons and tourists, are hit the hardest. Besides the dramatic contraction of the market, hotels also suffer additional customer loss because a great number of people are shifting to other lower-market hotels due to economic considerations. Faced with the drying market, most hotels are trying to attract more customers by greatly cutting their prices. It works, yet this will push the hotel industry into the mire of price war.

Now, hotel owners should begin to ponder a long dismissed question: “How will the hotel industry share the benefit brought upon by the transformation of the information society?” When the economy is doing well, the prosperous market brings in sound revenues for the hotels, therefore, hotel owners have failed to give due considerations to the information of hotels in time.

With e-commerce being the future trend, it is particularly important for hotels using low prices as a survival strategy to consider this question: how to use the Internet and e-commerce to expand their customer base and boost profit?

Now, Fairtheworld.com has launched a cooperative plan with global four- and five-star hotels. By building a booth concentration of high-end hotels on “Fair N Fair” 3D Virtual Expo platform and designing special tourism halls, the resources of high-end hotels and tourism recourse can be combined organically. Meanwhile, these hotel resources can be introduced to over 10,000 global high-end enterprises and more than 360,000 high-end visitors (including purchasers), as well as middle and high-end job-seekers.

Hotels can promote themselves and raise awareness of their brands through their booths in “Fair N Fair;” also they can talk with high-end enterprises, purchasers, job-seekers, and customer groups in real-time, using IM software such as “Big Boss Talk,” MSN, Skype, and QQ.

For high-end enterprises already in “Fair N Fair,” after obtaining powerful, on-line and instant support from banks, insurance, logistic and other third-party agencies around the world who are also involved in “Fair N Fair,” they are gaining another leg up: the entrance of global four- and five-star hotels. This will greatly facilitate companies and individuals engaged in international trade and economic activities, also the complex business processes in the real world can be perfectly forged into one single chain by Fairtheworld.com and be incorporated into “Fair N Fair” 3D virtual Expo platform.

For enterprises, time, opportunity, and risk are of their primary concerns, while Fairtheworld.com, using its innovation of applying 3D virtual reality technologies to e-commerce, will create hefty advantages for enterprises in these aspects.