Coventry accepts “Journalist of the Year” honor

HYDERABAD, India (September 19, 2008) - Veteran New Zealand travel writer Nigel Coventry today graciously accepted this year's "PATA Travel Journalist of the Year" Award.

Coventry accepts “Journalist of the Year” honor

HYDERABAD, India (September 19, 2008) – Veteran New Zealand travel writer Nigel Coventry today graciously accepted this year’s “PATA Travel Journalist of the Year” Award. The Publishing Editor of New Zealand’s “Inside Tourism,” Mr. Coventry celebrated with his industry friends and colleagues at the 2008 PATA Gold Awards luncheon at the HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad today.

“Nigel has been a bastion of professional journalism for more than 30 years, having written for travel-related magazines and publications in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia,” said PATA president and CEO Peter de Jong. Currently living in Taumarunui, New Zealand, having also been based in Brunei Darussalam and Monaco, Mr. Coventry has reported on the travel industry for more than three decades, winning the respect of travel industry leaders across Asia Pacific for the consistent quality and accuracy of his work.

Founded by South Pacific Media Services in 1994, “Inside Tourism” or “IT,” as it is affectionately known, was quickly embraced by the tourism industry due to its accurate, in-depth and honest content. Mr. de Jong said, “IT” has grown to become a primary source of tourism-related editorial for stakeholders in New Zealand’s travel and tourism industry.” “IT” continues to break new ground with its independent analytical approach to industry news.

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Mr. Coventry said he was delighted to receive the award. “I was totally flabbergasted, as I live in a very small town in a very small country at the bottom of the world, and someone noticed my work,” he said. “Really, the award is for “Inside Tourism” itself, as much as anything, and about its readers who have supported us for more than 14 years.” Mr. Coventry said that of the 200 subscribers who originally signed up 14 years ago, “IT” has lost no more than half a dozen. The publication now circulates in 17 countries plus New Zealand.

The PATA Travel Journalist of the Year Award recognizes writers who have raised the bar of journalistic excellence, consistently providing unique insights and engaging issues of critical importance to the Asia Pacific region and its travel and tourism industry. Last year’s recipient was “TTG Asia” Editor Raini Hamdi.


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