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300 Russians stuck in Vietnam as tour operator goes bankrupt

At least 300 Russian tourists are stranded in the resort town of Mui Ne after a major Russian tourism firm that brought them to Vietnam went bankrupt last week.

German tourists stranded on a flood plain for 48 hours

Four German tourists stranded on a flood plain for 48 hours after their four-wheel-drive vehicle was bogged have said they thought they would die on the remote Territory stretch.

400 stranded tourists airlifted from Nepalese mountains

KATHMANDU, Nepal - Around 400 stranded tourists were airlifted from Lukla and Surke on Sunday.

Baggage fees strand passenger at the airport for over a week

Various airline fees can be a pricey annoyance for many passengers, but one caused a whole lot of trouble in the life of a Sonoma County woman.

Russian tourists stuck in Bulgaria’s Bourgas to go home tomorrow

SOFIA, Bulgaria - The last of the hundreds of tourists - most from Russia – stranded in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Bourgas after Bulgaria Air cancelled flight tickets booked by Alma Tour over a

Hurricane Irene strands thousands of Brits in US

Thousands of British tourists stranded in the US, after being caught by the tropical storm that has battered the eastern seaboard, face further chaos with long delays to home-bound flights.

140 tourists stranded at airport in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal - More than 140 international tourists have been stranded at Tenzing-Hillary airport, Lukla, the only airport for Everest region in Nepal, for more than six days.

1,500 stranded tourists rescued in Nepal

Nepalese authorities on Saturday rescued 1,500 tourists with the help of helicopters and planes after they were stranded at Lukla, gateway to Mt. Everest, for more than a week.

Lack of airline seats strands 4000 Saudi tourists in Egypt

Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges Saudi Arabia Airlines to assist more than 4,000 Saudis stranded in Egypt.

Tropical storm strands 170 tourists in East China

Around 170 tourists were stranded in East China's Zhejiang Province as tropical storm Kompasu approached.

3,000 tourists stranded on San Andres

Almost 3,000 tourists are stranded on the Colombian Caribbean island of San Andres because the wreckage of Monday's plane crash remains on the airport's runway.

1200 stranded abroad as UK travel firm Sun4U collapses

British tour operator Sun4U has collapsed, leaving approximately 1,200 customers stuck abroad.

Airport news: scores of foreign tourists trapped in Bolivian Andes

POTOSI, Bolivia - Anti-government protesters who for nine days have sealed off Potosi have seized the city's airfield, stranding scores of foreign tourists in the Bolivian Andes.

600 tourists stranded in flood-hit areas rescued in Pakistan

The Pakistani military said on Wednesday it had rescued about 600 tourists, including Chinese and Japanese nationals, who had been stranded in flood-hit areas of the country's northwest.

United Airlines strands 9-year-old at O’Hare airport for 8 hours

A 9-year-old boy, traveling alone and heading home to Canada, ended up stranded for eight hours at O’Hare Airport because a United Airlines employee forgot to get him out of the airline’s child-ca

Travel news: Goldtrail bankruptcy leaves 16,000 Britons stranded while on holiday

When Goldtrail, a Turkey and Greece tour operator, went into bankruptcy on Friday afternoon, July 16, 2010, suddenly 16,000 Britons abroad found themselves

Greek air strike strands tourists

Air traffic controllers in Greece joined hospital workers and other public sector employees in striking against pension and labour reforms.

Unrest strands Costa Rican tourists In Panama

Violent confrontations between Panama's banana workers and police in Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, on the Caribbean coast, that so far has left two confirmed dead, and stranded tourists who are not abl

US citizen stuck in limbo in Egypt because he is on...

CAIRO – A Virginia man said Wednesday he has been stuck in limbo in Egypt for the last six weeks, living in a cheap hotel and surviving on fast food after his name was placed on a U.S.

Thousands of foreign tourists stranded in Nepal

Thousands of international tourists have found themselves caught up in the nationwide strike called by Nepal's Maoist party.