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Code of Conduct for Protection of Children a practical tool for...

Four of the world’s leading tourism companies, together with GIZ and The Code, launched a joint project to combat child sex tourism.

Report: Child sex tourism increasing in Vietnam

Sexual abuse of children has been increasing in Vietnam, especially in tourist destinations, but the country's Penal Code lacks a clause directly governing child sex tourism crimes, says a joint surve

Activity International signs Child Protection Code

Activity International, one of the largest international exchange organizations in the Netherlands, signed the Child Protection Code on June 5, 2012.

Maldives tourism: Luxury spas are not sex tourism hubs

Maldives tourism officials have denied that health spas operate as brothels and have sought legal action to reverse government orders to close spa facilities at luxury resorts.

Gambia Tourism Board issues manual on fighting child sex tourism

The Gambia Tourism Board in its commitment to eradicate child sex tourism in Gambia constituted a task force committee for developing a training manual on child sex tourism.

Tourism official: Cases of sex tourism in Philippines are isolated

MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang yesterday disputed the claim of US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

US tour operator accused of child sex tourism in Brazil

An American fishing tour operator is under a criminal investigation by the US Justice Department, accused of conducting sex tourism in Brazil, according to reports.

Canadian sentenced to 25 years for child sex tourism

CALGARY — Convicted sex offender who pleaded guilty to pimping children through a Thailand brothel has been sentenced to 25 years in a U.S. federal court.

Sex tourism in Nepal lands 3 Indians in jail

Kathmandu - Nepal's Tourism Year 2011 has claimed the first Indian casualties with police arresting three men for allegedly seeking commercial sex in the capital.

Sex tourist sentenced to 10 years in prison

TUCSON, Ariz. — A Texas man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty of traveling to Mexico to have sex with children.

World Cup boosts Cape Town’s sex tourism

With a million football fans splurging thousands of dollars during the World Cup, sex tourism in South Africa's number one tourist destination, Cape Town, is at an all time high.

Seattle retiree facing federal sex tourism charges

A retiree from Seattle already imprisoned in Thailand is facing federal sex tourism charges on allegations that he bought sex from girls as young as 11.

Australia toughens laws on sex tourism

Australia has launched an advertising campaign to accompany tough new laws on sex tourism.

Cape Town Tourism spearheads the Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct...

Since its inception in 2004, Cape Town Tourism has proudly, and vocally, forged ahead with its commitment to responsible tourism development in Cape Town and, as a leader in the field, today hosted a

Three ‘S’ of Senegal tourism: Sun, sea and sex

DAKAR, Senegal — Women — often white, European and "of a certain age" — flock solo to Senegal's shores year-round for what one hotel manager called "the three 'S's: sun, sea and sex."

Indian court asks government to curb sex tourism

In view of the increasing incidences of rape, sexual offences, sexual abuse of children, particularly street-children, the Indian government and the law ministry were urged to redefine rape and includ

Thriving sex tourism cost Costa Rica its place on “World’s Most...

When travel magazines and sites come out with top ten “eco” lists they’re usually the top ten places who did a good job marketing themselves as green. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh.

Kenya says molest a child, go to jail!

Three people were sentenced to long prison terms in Nairobi last week after being found guilty of child molestation, statutory rape, and subjecting minors to prostitution.

3 Americans indicted on charges of engaging in sex tourism with...

LOS ANGELES — Three Americans who were expelled from Cambodia have been formally indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of engaging in sex tourism with children abroad.

Three arrested in sex-tourism operation in Cambodia

LOS ANGELES, California - Three men charged with sexually exploiting Cambodian children are being brought back to the United States to face prosecution, the Justice Department announced Monday.