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BBC Olympics website omits Jerusalem as capital of Israel

London, England – The British Broadcasting Company’s Olympic website omitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Palestine’s ICTP membership is seen as a milestone and a new...

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced today that the Palestine Ministry of Tourism & Antiquity has become a member of this alliance of destinations.

Mideast chaos thwarts Palestine tourism

BETHLEHEM - Visits to the occupied Palestinian territories have increased negligibly in this year, well under projections a year before unrest struck half a dozen authoritarian states in the Arab worl

Abbas submits Palestinian application for UN membership

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today submitted an application for Palestine to become a United Nations Member State.

UN envoy warns of profound deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

The political process to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in “profound and persistent” deadlock, a senior United Nations envoy warned today, calling on the parties to work towards a two

Ban calls on Israel to take “decisive moves” towards two-state solution

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced hope today that Israel will make “decisive moves towards a historic agreement” with the Palestinians, telling the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

UN Envoy: Palestinian unity deal must promote peace

Reacting to reports of a unity deal between Hamas and Fatah, the top United Nations envoy for the Middle East today said that reconciliation between the two main Palestinian factions should take place

UN calls on Israel to halt illegal settlements on occupied territories

A top United Nations envoy today called on Israel to halt further planning for new settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory in the wake of the Government’s approval of more Jewish housing u

Boycott of tourism conference in occupied Jerusalem urged

Palestinian Tourism Minister Hulud Deibas sent a letter to all countries invited to take part in the International Tourism Conference in Jerusalem scheduled to take place later this month and urged th

Bethlehem sees record number of holiday tourists

A record number of international tourists flooded into the “little town of Bethlehem” this holiday season, according to both Palestinian Authority and Israeli officials.

Tourism Progress and Peace Conference Choses Ground Handler, STI-ME

Mona Naffa brings TravelTalkRADIO another specialist in Middle East Travel, Mark Khano. Mark is a Christian from Jerusalem. He has a British mother, Delia, and Palestinian father, Gabriel.

Minister: Israel aims to destroy tourism sector in Gaza

GAZA CITY - In a statement issued to mark World Tourism day the Gaza government's minister of tourism said Israel "seeks to destroy the tourism sector in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip."

Celebrating 10,000 Years in Jericho

Michael Luongo, teaches travel writing and has recently published two articles on Palestine, one in the New York Times and now his article in Bloomberg News on Jericho sheds light on the celebrations

Now they are attacking children’s parks in Gaza?

(eTN) - A group of about 25 armed and masked men attacked and set fire on Monday morning, June 28, to a recreational facility used by children on the beach in Nuseirat (in Gaza) that was being used to

Creating first “tourist” map of Gaza City

It's a common English "truism" that when a place is considered important, it is "put on the map." By that definition, the people of Gaza have been in limbo for a long time.

West Bank tourism up 50%

Bethlehem - Palestinian Authority Tourism and Antiquities police said tourism in the occupied Palestinian territories increased during March, with a considerable rise in guests registered in local hot

Jericho tourism spikes

Maybe it’s the relatively quiet security situation, or perhaps it’s the unusual February heat wave that has lingered over the region since last week – but for whatever reason, the number of tour

Palestinians want tourism spread beyond Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, West Bank — For your next getaway, you might consider this: four nights and five days in sunny "Palestine: land of miracles".

Israeli army raids Palestinian city, arrests foreign tourists

The Israeli army swept into Ramallah in the West Bank Sunday in a pre-dawn raid to arrest two Western tourists.

Palestinians discover ancient artifacts in Gaza

GAZA CITY — The Hamas-run ministry of tourism and antiquities in Gaza on Monday announced the discovery of ancient artifacts near the Egyptian border town of Rafah.