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Global food tourism united by NTA and World Food Travel Association

LEXINGTON, Kentucky & PORTLAND, Oregon - NTA and the World Food Travel Association have signed a partnership agreement that brings together the WFTA’s global food tourism community with NTA’s pack

NTA and the United Motorcoach Association select Atlanta for 2016 trade...

LEXINGTON, Kentucky & ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - NTA and the United Motorcoach Association have selected Atlanta as the 2016 site of Travel Exchange, their combined trade and appointment show.

NTA Travel Exchange generates 114 million reasons for members to smile

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Travel Exchange 2013 generated 114 million reasons for NTA members to smile, association leaders announced today.

Travel sector must help government understand threat of reduced funding

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Across-the-board sequestration cuts for an array of federal government functions are beginning to take a toll on travel to and within the United States.

Over 300 travel and tourism professionals visit US Congress

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – “What a fabulous event in the nation’s capital,” said Tom Jaffa of Jaffa Travel & Receptive Services in Seattle, who chairs the NTA Government Relations Committee.

NTA bestows award for legislative advocacy on behalf of tourism

WASHINGTON, DC - The NTA has given their James D. Santini Award to Patti A. Culp for her legislative tourism work for over the past 3 decades.

Oregon to host 2014 NTA Contact event

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Portland, Oregon, will be the 2014 site of Contact, NTA’s popular tour operator retreat, association and Travel Oregon leaders announced.

Tour Operators event on the Big Island of Hawaii

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - When NTA tour operators attend Contact on Hawai`i, the Big Island, August 15-17, they will look past the warm waters to get the cold facts.

NTA and UMA to host Motorcoach Safety Roundtable

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA and the United Motorcoach Association will host a Motorcoach Safety Roundtable with tour operators and the U.S.

Chinese government aims to increase travel among its citizens

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - The Chinese government has announced a series of initiatives aimed at increasing travel among its citizens.

NTA and ATA renew partnership

WASHINGTON, DC - Leaders of two major travel associations, National Tour Association (NTA) and the Africa Travel Association (ATA), renewed their partnership in a signing ceremony here Friday.

Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism industry, Kevin Wright told 150 local travel professionals during a workshop in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday.

NTA broadens convention focus on specialty markets

ORLANDO, Florida - NTA broadened its convention focus on specialty markets by hosting the association’s first Family Travel and Adventure Tourism Leaders Forum.

NTA to award highest honors to 2 tour operators

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA tour operator members, Ed Dresel and Dan Dipert, are set to receive two of NTA’s highest honors during the Awards Dinner on January 22 in Orlando, Florida.

Delta named official airline for NTA

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Delta Air Lines Inc. and NTA are now traveling together as business partners, leaders of both organizations announced.

Forums will cover the economy’s impact on marketing and packaged travel

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA will host two Destination Leaders Forums on January 23 in Orlando, Florida, where chief executives of destination marketing organizations will discuss the challenges they hav

Burgeoning US Hispanic travel market

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA and ASTA are hosting their second Hispanics in Travel Caucus on January 22 in Orlando, Florida.

The Millennial Generation shares insights with tourism leaders

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Members of the Millennial Generation shared their outlook on life, travel, and the tourism industry with the NTA Board of Directors this week, and the association’s leaders wer

NTA President elected to CTO Board of Directors

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA President Lisa Simon was elected to the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization last week at the CTO’s annual State of the Industry Conference in Basseterr

Fundamentals of faith-based travel delivered to online audience

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Kevin J. Wright delivered the fundamentals of faith-based travel to an international online audience.