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GEM expands with new attendees

Global European Marketplace organized by ETOA GEM expands with new attendees

Registrations for the Global European Marketplace (GEM12) now stands ahead of last year’s record numbers.

Murchisons Falls National Park Destination news: A visit to an upcoming gem on the Nile

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN

UGANDA (eTN) - For those who remember the old Chobe lodge and who came for fishing in the old days to this beautiful spot on the Nile, there is news...

Sorrento: an Italian gem

Campania, Italy Sorrento: an Italian gem

eTN Staff Writer

It is spring time. The nature of some areas of the southern district in Italy is waking up. Amongst it is the Peninsula of Sorrento whose citrus groves are evergreen.

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