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Emergency operation to rescue stranded Flyglobespan travelers

Flyglobespan Collapse Emergency operation to rescue stranded Flyglobespan travelers

Severin Carrell and Simon Bowers

Passengers left stranded by the collapse of the airline Flyglobespan are all expected to arrive home by Christmas after the airline industry mounted an emergency operation to repatriate thousands ...

Scotland's Flyglobespan goes bust

Flyglobespan Airline Scotland's Flyglobespan goes bust

Scotland's biggest airline, Edinburgh-based Flyglobespan, has been placed in administration with all scheduled flights cancelled.

Airline guilty of safety breach

FlyGlobeSpan Airline guilty of safety breach

Airline firm FlyGlobeSpan has pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching civil aviation rules after allowing a plane with instrument failure to fly.

Union breakthrough at Flyglobespan

Breakthrough For Cabin Crew Employees At Flyglobespan Union breakthrough at Flyglobespan


Britain's biggest union, Unite, has gained recognition for more than 200 cabin crew employees at the Edinburgh based, low cost carrier Flyglobespan.

National Officer Brian Boyd described ...

Airline faces safety prosecution

Flyglobespan Busted Airline faces safety prosecution

Economy airline Flyglobespan is to be prosecuted after claims it breached strict safety rules.

The Edinburgh-based firm is accused of allowing a flight from Liverpool to New York to take ...

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