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The ultimate customer experience: four key trends in the evolving online...

Tim Gunstone, EyeforTravel’s Managing Director, has been talking to top travel players and key innovators across the world about the next steps for a highly-competitive, low-margin industry.

Flying in different realities

The statistics are in and the US airline industry has posted its best operational performance in many moons.

HotelTravel.com’s new two-step check out make bookings a breeze

PHUKET, Thailand - HotelTravel.com continues to improve its customer experience by simplifying the website’s checkout process, making it possible to go from hotel selection to payment confirmation i

The airline shift continues

The results were predictable, but jarring nonetheless.

United Airlines hell, first-class style

For every United Airlines flight, United CEO Jeff Smisek offers a welcome video greeting to customers onboard. In that greeting, Smisek talks very highly of the company’s customer service efforts.

Research: Customer service most important consideration for air travelers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This year's Airline Passenger Survey confirms that customer service is the most important consideration for air travel consumers.

Bad news for traveling golfers

New research from Purple Parking, which provides parking at UK’s Heathrow Airport, has revealed that many of the major airlines have hiked up the price of transporting golf equipment.

British Airways cabin crew to use iPads

HARMONDSWORTH, England - British Airways cabin crew are using the latest iPad model to bring a new dimension to customer service in the air.

New Zealand’s service training program “will miss target”

When Prime Minister John Key launched the KiaOraMai training program two years ago, it was touted as raising the skills of 10,000 service-industry workers in time for the Rugby World Cup.

Southwest Airlines: Apologizing quickly and profusely

There are some things that Fred Taylor Jr. and his crew at Southwest Airlines Co. just cannot explain.

US Airways: Some customet service improvements made, but…

Hub airlines have a delicate relationship with their customers in the cities where they hub. US Airways and Philadelphia are the perfect example.

Airlines have to wake up and up the ante on customer...

I left the our residence on the shores of Lake Victoria around 0230 hours for the nearly 50 kilometer drive to the Entebbe International Airport to check in for my flight on Kenya Airways to Nairobi,

The decade of delusion

Good riddance to the decade of delusion.

Travel agents are back in business in the UK

Pundits have been predicting the demise of the traditional travel agency since the dawn of the web-based travel industry and low cost, no frills airlines in the 1990s.

With fewer flights, airlines’ customer service improves

A funny thing has happened during the airline industry's economic slump. The airlines have actually improved customer service.

Why Air France deserves its loss

It’s often small things that reveal the most about someone’s character and in business character is crucial.

Hotel staff “Got it… and Get It”

A long-standing Baltimore company is planning a rally in honor of its associates (Tremont staff) who "Got it...

Southwest Airlines has tentative deal with customer agents

Southwest Airlines inked a tentative new contract with its customer service employees Tuesday that includes wage increases and work rule improvements.

Creating passion for your tourism business in difficult times

Tourism is a business and like all businesses its purpose is to make money. Simply put a tourism business that does not turn a profit dies.

R.O.A.R.: Ryanair to charge for toilet use?

One of the great unresolved questions in journalism is this: If you were a journalist left with the opportunity to put just one question to one person; what would it be?