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Heavy Flooding In Central Europe Auschwitz memorial site closed due to heavy flooding in central Europe

WARSAW, Poland ‚Äď Flooding in southern Poland has killed at least five people, and officials closed the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site on Tuesday to protect its Holocaust archives and ...

Bratislava: Slovakia’s time machine

Bratislava tourism Bratislava: Slovakia’s time machine

Stéphane Hanot l eTN Staff Writer

If communism fades from people’s memory in Central Europe, it is also because of the lack of remaining elements from this not-so distant time.

Tunisia tourism moves forward by sticking to the old

Tunisia Tunisia tourism moves forward by sticking to the old

Hazel Heyer

(eTN) - In an interview with Tunisian minister of tourism S.E. Khelil Lajimi, he suggested incoming markets are faring quite well. In the first half of 2006, Tunisia received 6.5 million inbound ...

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