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Are extra-fee gourmet airline meals really worth it?

Economy-class travelers often joke about how tasteless airline food can be, especially on homeward-bound flights, as we look forward to a home-cooked meal and other comforts.

Airlines collect over $27 billion in extra fees and charges

Airlines around the world collected over $27 billion in extra fees and charges last year, new research has shown.

WestJet reports record May traffic

CALGARY, Canada - WestJet today announced May 2013 traffic results with a load factor of 78.5%.

United launches annual subscriptions for Economy Plus and checked baggage

CHICAGO, Ill. – United Airlines has launched subscription options that offer customers access to Economy Plus seating or pre-paid checked baggage charges for a year.

TSA removes all 250 backscatter body scanners from US airports

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The harshest critics labeled them "virtual strip searches." Airport passenger screening that produced particularly realistic full-body images using backscatter technology.

Travelers still checking bags despite fees

CHICAGO, Ill. - With the airlines collecting record bag fees, some 55 percent of all travelers still check their luggage either all or some of the time.

United opens new Seattle United Club, consolidates operations

SEATTLE, Wash. - United Airlines has opened its new United Club lounge in Concourse A at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the second club to feature the airline's new design concept.

easyJet shrinks cabin baggage allowance

EasyJet has announced a 'guaranteed' cabin baggage allowance which is 37 per cent below the maximum size allowed - because its packed planes can't always fit passengers' luggage on-board.

American flyers willing to pay more for personal space

NEW YORK, NY - As summer travel season approaches, Americans planning vacations – particularly those planning on flying – have a lot of decisions ahead.

Avoiding sneaky budget carrier charges

LONDON, England - They've been at it yet again.

TSA expands PreCheck to international itineraries

TEMPE, Ariz. - US Airways commends the Transportation Security Administration for expanding TSA PreCheck™ to international itineraries.

Airlines want you flying upfront during summertime

NEW YORK, NY – Just as the swallows fly to Capistrano in the summer, airlines have traditionally unleashed their best upfront deals during this time.

Free airline upgrades going extinct

The economy passenger’s dream ticket – a free upgrade at the departure gate – now looks endangered.

Frontier Airlines hell-bent on bleeding its customers dry

Coffee, juice or tea? Starting July 1 on Frontier Airlines, that drink will cost you $1.99 for certain fares, the company announced Wednesday.

US Airways to upgrade international experience for customers

TEMPE, Ariz. - US Airways is making international travel more comfortable and convenient with several in-flight enhancements starting this spring and summer.

Indian carrier aims to discourage cheap ticket cancellations

MUMBAI, India - As airlines go along offering heavy discounts on airfares, they are also setting up major deterrents to cancellations.