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"World’s Leading Cruise Agent" Award celebrates World’s Best Award is celebrating the award of ‘World’s Leading Cruise Agent’, only weeks after winning the European equivalent award.

Airline spreading wings

IndiGo Airline spreading wings

MANAMA: India's low-cost domestic airline IndiGo yesterday announced Bahrain's World Travel Service (WTS) as its general sales agent in the country.

Indonesia to appoint Dubai-based tourism agent

Indonesia Indonesia to appoint Dubai-based tourism agent

The Middle Eastern tourism market is growing in such importance that Indonesia's Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to announce the appointment of a local tourism promotion marketing company.

Find the right agent

Want A Great Trip? Find the right agent

If you're booking a simple air ticket or a room at a hotel you know well, you may not need an agent. But for complex itineraries, tours, cruises and expensive trips, an agent can save time, ...

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