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Malindi fire destroys over 250 holiday homes

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Ambassador  Jun 22, 2009

A fiery blaze over the weekend, reportedly the biggest fire ever seen in Malindi, has claimed more than 250 holiday residences and over 50 cars parked in the compounds, as the flames went out of control, fueled by strong winds from the ocean.

The fire broke out around mid-day, and all efforts by the Malindi fire brigade and police to halt the spread of the fire were futile. Most of the buildings had traditional "makuti" or palm-leaf, panel-covered roofs, and flying debris from the initial fire then set ablaze one building after the next as the winds literally blew the fire across the entire neighborhood.

The Palm Tree Club also burned down, just ahead of the upcoming high tourist season, when the traditional holiday period in Europe is about to start in July. The mainly Italian owners of the holiday homes are now awaiting the investigations to finish so that their respective insurers can begin to process the inevitable claims and have their properties rebuilt.

Malindi fire destroys over 250 holiday homes
Palm Tree Club before the fire - Image via

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