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Pioneers in Heritage Tourism Rajasthan, India

Anil Mathur, eTN India  Jun 06, 2009

The pioneers in heritage tourism, the royal family of Samode, in Rajasthan, is adding facilities and capacity to its existing properties, as well as coming up with a new one.
The Samode name has been synonimus with the concept and implementation of what later came to be known as heritage or palace tourism and accommodation.

Some popular serials on TV and patronizing by well known travel agents from all over the world helped Samode create a name and benchmark in such tourism.
Obviously, encouraged by the success of the Samode name, the princely family is adding rooms to the old ones, to cater to bigger groups.

The 150 year old Samode Haveli in heart of Jaipur is adding 11 suites to the existing 30 rooms. During course of 2009, another dinning hall will also be added to Samode Haveli, which provides ambience and charm in the heart of the pink city, The sprawling complex attracts many tourists, who enjoy the facilities, bars, cuisine.

The Samode Palace, the flagship of the house of Samode in a way, is 42 kms from Jaipur, nestling amongst the Aravali hills.

The palace has 43 rooms, built during the last 400 years. By October 2009, the family expects to add more facilities, like another pool, another a la carte restaurant. The palace combines the best of Rajput and Mughal architecture.

The third popular property of the Samode group is the Samode Bagh—garden—which is four kms from the Palace. To cater to the growing demand, the popular luxury tents and cottages provide excellent facilities, where a restaurant has been added.

The complex was built 140 years ago, set in 20 acres, as a getaway from the courtly life.
Emboldened by the success of the heritage and palace concepts, the Samode family is now foraying into the wildlife field, coming up with the Samode Safari Lodge in Bandhavgarh, in Madhya Pradesh. This new venture will have 15 luxury cottages and mark the first set up of the group, outside Rajasthan, and outside the heritage segment.

The Samode experience has not only been a success itself, it has helped promote and encourage other heritage properties. And the wildlife one is sure to replicate it.

Pioneers in Heritage Tourism Rajasthan, India

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