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CNN survey reveals Thailand offers best value in Asia Pacific region

eTN Staff Writer  May 27, 2009

CNN International today announced the results of its Online Consumer Survey (OCS) on travel and tourism, which reveals that Thailand was chosen as representing the best value for money for travelers in the Asia Pacific region. The survey conducted across CNN English websites had more than 5,000 respondents globally. Thailand came out as the best value in Asia-Pacific for respondents over China in second place and India in third.

The comprehensive survey also revealed that although times are tough, the recession hasn't reduced people's desire to travel. On the contrary, people are trading down, not trading out, but not compromising their experience. In addition, more business leaders are likely to travel over the next 12 months than in the past year.

- Overall, the survey indicated that more people would travel for holiday over the next 12 months than last year, but 1 in 5 would make fewer trips.

- 46 percent of business travelers in Asia Pacific claim the economic environment has had no impact on their business travel plans.

- 79 percent of Asia-Pac respondents feel they are likely to take a vacation in the region within the next 12 months. And the economic downturn isn't affecting everyone's travel plans. Asia-Pacific holidaymakers spent an average of just over US$4,000 on their last vacation - ahead of the global average of US$3,700.

- 71 percent of CNN's audience of global travelers fly long-haul for leisure. Respondents take an average of 14 days vacation a year and holiday an average of three times a year.

Brand image and reputation also remains a critical factor for air travel, and survey respondents clearly feel that preferred, trusted airlines are able to command a premium. Respondents are also more likely to do fewer trips than look for cheaper hotels or discounted flights with budget airlines.

- 58 percent of Asia Pacific respondents are ‘willing to pay more to travel with my preferred airline’ (vs. 50% globally and just 41% of North American respondents)

- 61 percent of these Asia Pacific air travelers prefer to fly with a trusted brand regardless of cost. Furthermore, in difficult financial times, there is value for advertisers in targeting premium audiences.

- 83 percent of business travelers influence the choice of airlines and hotels when it comes to corporate travel.

- 40 percent of those who travel for work fly business or first class, make an average of five business trips per year, and are away for an average of 19 days per year.

William Hsu, VP advertising sales, CNN International added, "These results send a strong message to tourism boards that smart destination branding is critical for country differentiation and return on investment."

CNN survey reveals Thailand offers best value in Asia Pacific region
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