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Book A Room, Get A US Savings Bond

KSL Resorts offers travel savings... bonds, that is

eTN Staff Writer  May 27, 2009

Resorts and hotels are coming up with some interesting ways to lure travelers to their doorstep, and with Americans focused on their savings more than ever in recent memory, the classic American resorts of the KSL Resorts collection have introduced the US Savings Bond Package, designed to help families save for the future, even as they enjoy quality vacation time together.

Available from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the US Savings Bond Package is offered at each of KSL's seven iconic resorts, from the legendary Hotel del Coronado on the San Diego coast to the historic Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Guests can request the US Savings Bond Package when they book a room at the best available rate. Guests pay an additional US$10 per room, per night, and receive a US$50 US savings bond for each room, per night. Travelers booking a suite have the opportunity to upgrade their reservation to the US Savings Bond Package for an additional US$25 per suite, per night, for which they receive a US$100 US savings bond for each room, per night.

"The US Savings Bond Package is our way of supporting families who are investing in their future," said Arthur Berg, vice president of marketing for KSL Resorts. "Savings bonds are a time-honored tradition for grandparents and parents to honor a milestone in their children's lives," Berg continued. "In a year when families are re-focusing on the things that matter - spending more time together and rediscovering meaningful traditions - it's clear that a family vacation can be a real milestone, one worthy of commemorating with a savings bond."

As Americans turn to domestic destinations for family travel this summer, the KSL Resorts collection offers an ideal mix of recreation and relaxation for each generation, and the opportunity to "Buy American," right down to US Savings Bonds themselves.

KSL Resorts offers travel savings... bonds, that is
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