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May Open Flights To Other Italian Cities

New direct flight connecting Armenia and Italy

eTN Staff Writer  May 26, 2009

Armenia’s efforts in targeting its tourism promotion at the Italian outbound market have paid off. MyAir company, in partnership with Festa Tour Avia will be commencing direct flights between Venice and Yerevan from June 5.

Although the flights will initially be only weekly, Festa Tour Avia has indicated that if all goes well, they will consider the possibility of opening the flights to other Italian cities, given the size of the outbound market and the level of interest in Armenia amongst Italian travelers.

The Armenian Tourism Development Agency, with the support of its Italian representative Nadia Pasqual, has made great strides in promoting Armenia in Italy. So much so, Italian leisure arrivals to Armenian Hotels have increased by 41 percent per year on average during the past three years compared to 11 percent for leisure tourists overall.

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About ATDA

The Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) was established as the government’s tourism promotional arm in June 2001. In partnership with private businesses, it aims to market Armenia in local and international markets, and create programs aiding the overall development of Armenia’s tourism industry.

New direct flight connecting Armenia and Italy
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