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Yemen gov’t condemns Dawan terror attack

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Khaled Alduais l eTN Ambassador  Jan 21, 2008

SANA’A, Yemen (eTN) - A source at the Interior Ministry stated that some terror elements ambushed on Friday afternoon a group of Belgian tourists killing two female Belgian tourists, Klaudi Klawy and Catharine Glory, and a Yemeni driver, Ahmed al-Amiri in Dawan district in Hadramout, while three were injured--a Belgian tourist and two Yemenis.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that security bodies are currently tracking criminals behind this terror attack to be sent to prosecution and face justice, noting that such act targets image of Yemen and its economy and stability. Citizens are being encouraged to cooperate with the security systems to seize those responsible terrorists, praising at the same time their continuous cooperation in such incidents.

Our source expressed deep sorrow for victims of this terror incident, which is all together rejected by law and contradicts with principles and values of Islam and Yemeni culture.

The Yemeni Ministry of Tourism on Friday also condemned the terror act. The ministry's statement described the act as criminal, expressing condolence for the families of victims and Yemeni and Belgian people.

The statement said that the ministry sent a special airplane to transport the tourists to Sana'a capital and offer all health care and protection." Such attempt of disordering security and stability of the nation would not stop the process of developing tourist activities," the statement added.

The ministry called on international community to help Yemen face such attacks that harm economy and development of the nation. It also called on all civil society organization to condemn this terror act.

Yemen gov’t condemns Dawan terror attack

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