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Somali Pirates

Seychelles gets aggressive in pursuing Somali pirates

Alain St. Ange  May 04, 2009

VICTORIA, Seychelles (eTN) - The Seychelles Coast Guard has arrested 3 suspected Somali pirates north-west of the 1.3 million square kilometer Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ ), which borders with Somali waters.

The three men identified themselves as Somali nationals. They were travelling in a 6-meter skiff with several barrels of fuel and water onboard.

The Seychelles Coast Guard vessel PS Andromache was alerted to reports of the presence of a Somali boat in the area by the EU naval forces Atalanta on Thursday, April 30, as several pirates attacks had been reported in the vicinity.

The PS Andromache apprehended the 3 men on Saturday afternoon, May 2.

Seychelles President James Michel congratulated the Seychelles Coast Guard for successfully tracking down the vessel and detaining the suspected pirates. “We are exceedingly encouraged by this latest suspected pirate arrest. The arrest is further indication that a coordinated approach is an effective means of combating piracy in the region,” the Seychelles president said.

President Michel said that the joint effort of all the partner countries in the region is ensuring that the Seychelles EEZ is safe.

“The western Indian Ocean is a large expanse of water,” he said. “However, this arrest and last week’s arrest of 9 suspected pirates by the Seychelles Coast Guard in a joint operation with the Spanish, French and Indian Navy, all show that international cooperation in the fight against piracy is really working.”

The PS Andromache is expected in Port Victoria on Sunday, May 3, at approximately 1800 hours. On arrival, the 3 suspected pirates will be examined by health practitioners and detained by the Seychelles Police Force. They are expected to be charged this week.

Seychelles gets aggressive in pursuing Somali pirates
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