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Algerian Aviation

14 Algerian airports face closure threat

The Media Line News Agency for eTurboNews  Apr 28, 2009

Fourteen airports in Algeria are under threat of closure due to losses incurred from the global economic crisis.

Many airports in the North African country are on the verge of bankruptcy in the wake of the economic downturn, which has hit air transportation around the world.

There are also accusations of mismanagement and squandering of resources within the Algerian Airport Services Organization, a major airport operator.

Officials at the Transportation Ministry are asking to investigate appointments within the organization, responding to claims that employees there are receiving undeserved inflated salaries.

The Algerian Transportation Interior Ministry said revenues from the airports under threat of closure are not enough to cover the salaries of the employees, according to the Algerian daily Al-Khabar.

The Algerian Airport Services Organization, which operates 17 airports in the country, has been suffering from financial problems since 2007, Al-Khabar said.

Although three airports run by this organization are doing relatively well, 14 will probably face closure soon.

The affected airports will not include the main international airport in the capital Algiers.

The airports on the verge of closure are dispersed throughout the country, some of them as far as 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) from Algiers.

Algeria is a huge country, spanning an area of more than 2.3 million square kilometers, more than 3.5 times the size of Texas.

Closing down airports at the far reaches of the country is likely to affect the whole economic market, including impeding the transportation of cargo, affecting trade, and hindering people who commute for work.

14 Algerian airports face closure threat
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