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Midwest hopes for 'Public Enemies' tourism

AP  Apr 27, 2009

MILWAUKEE - The movie "Public Enemies" doesn't open for months, but states including Illinois are readying for the onslaught of attention related to the film.

The Depression-era crime saga features John Dillinger's escapades through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Arizona.

The movie's director Michael Mann filmed in the Midwest where Indiana-born Dillinger's gang killed 10 men, wounded seven, robbed banks and police arsenals, and staged three jail breaks.

The movie starring Johnny Depp as Dillinger opens July 1.

Around the time the movie opens, Chicago's Victory Gardens Biograph Theater tentatively plans to run 1934's "Manhattan Melodrama."

Dillinger was reportedly watching the film on July 22, 1934, at the Biograph before he walked out and FBI agents shot him to death.

Midwest hopes for 'Public Enemies' tourism
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