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American Airlines

TWU: Powerful message was sent to AMR  Apr 15, 2009

The Transport Workers Union said Wednesday the organization believes a powerful message was sent Tuesday afternoon at a rally in which 350 union members turned up to picket outside the American Airlines headquarters, demanding the holding back of executive bonuses.

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” said Tim McAninley, a representative with the Transport Workers Union, which represents American Airlines and American Eagle employees.

Union members from Tulsa chartered a bus to attend the event, which received significant media coverage in the Dallas market.

McAninley named the end goal: TWU wants American to cancel bonus checks and put them in a trust until they can share that money with the employees.

The Transport Workers Union of America, which represents 200,000 airline workers and retirees, launched the campaign earlier in the year urging the board of American Airlines Inc. to halt bonus pay for executives until rank-and-file employees are included in bonus compensation. TWU says in recent years executives have been awarded more than $300 million in bonuses while frontline workers have experienced a 30 percent reduction in wages.

TWU: Powerful message was sent to AMR
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