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Seychelles Piracy

Seychelles tourism safe despite pirate activity

Alain. St. Ange, eTN Seychelles Special Correspondent  Apr 06, 2009

Over recent weeks, there have been isolated incidents of pirate activity around certain of the remote southern islands of the Seychelles archipelago which lie close to the East African coast where such activity is relatively commonplace.

In swift response to these events, the Seychelles government has deployed a coast guard vessel and military personnel to the area as a precautionary measure while, at the same time, taking steps to ensure that commercial and private vessels do not visit the area until such a time as the situation stabilizes.

This situation currently affecting an area 1000 km distant from Mahé has no bearing upon, and in no way affects, the quality of a Seychelles vacation, which remains perfectly safe for holidaymakers wishing to visit Seychelles.

Seychelles tourism safe despite pirate activity
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