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P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises cuts voyage short on engine problems  Mar 30, 2009

The luxury, around the world voyage aboard ship Aurora was cut short due to engine problems. This forced P&O Cruises to cut out five of the planned stops. This is the latest in a very long string of bad luck that has been hitting the cruise industry.

The cruise was set to be a 93 night cruise that carried more than 600 passengers to many hot spots around the world. After learning of the engine problems an emergency meeting was called, after which the passengers formed a protest after learning that they would not be going to three more ports that were scheduled. Two ports were located in the Pacific Islands and one in New Zealand.

P&O Cruises announced that passengers all received compensation for their missed time on the cruise. This included a refund on four days of cruising and £500. However, many passengers remained outraged after having to pay £8,599 to take the cruise in the first place.

Despite the compensation P&O cruises tried to give the passengers, the protesting group, now called the Aurora committee, is threatening to take legal action against the company to get compensation for the cruise that some people had saved for more than 20 years for.

Passengers say that the compensation that was given to them did not justify how much was spent on the cruise. Spending only 22 days on a 93 day cruise and hitting two ports is not what people paid for, and they want their money back. This is not the first time that P&O Cruises has had problems with their ships and had to cut trips short.

P&O Cruises cuts voyage short on engine problems
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