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Taca Airlines

Honduras may suspend Taca airline over $1.3M debt

AP  Mar 23, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Honduras said it will suspend Taca Airlines flights in the country if the company does not pay a $1.3 million debt to the government within a week.

The El Salvador-based regional carrier began building up the debt in 2003, civil aviation spokesman Mario Maldonado said. The debt involves a variety of services provided by Honduras to the airline.

Maldonado said a meeting with a company representative failed to yield a solid guarantee of payment, and Honduras will pull the carrier's operating permit "if Taca does not establish a payment plan in one week."

In a statement, the airline said it is in contact with authorities about the issue and is "in the process of clearing up the situation."

Honduras may suspend Taca airline over $1.3M debt
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