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Stansted Airport

UK High Court suspends challenge to airport expansion

eTN Staff Writer  Mar 14, 2009

The UK High Court announced today that the challenge to the expansion of Stansted airport has been suspended. The expansion will increase the flight capacity at the airport by 10 percent.

Steve Turner, Unite National officer, said, "We are delighted at this decision today and hope we can now move on and develop an expansion program at Stansted airport. Unite recognizes the importance of expansion at UK's airports; this will not only create new jobs but also keep our members' jobs safe and support the local communities."

The Stop Stansted Expansion protest group has been lobbying against the expansion saying that the law was broken by the government when it disregarded the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, and noise that will be caused by the expansion. The group will atempt to appeal the ruling.

UK High Court suspends challenge to airport expansion
Protest sign near Stansted Airport - Image via, Photograph by Graham Turner

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