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Ryanair Toilet Charge

R.O.A.R.: Ryanair to charge for toilet use?

David Tarsh  Mar 02, 2009

One of the great unresolved questions in journalism is this: If you were a journalist left with the opportunity to put just one question to one person; what would it be?

The news that Ryanair is considering charging people to use the toilets on its plans has given me the answer.

I would put the following question to Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary: What will you train your staff to say when confronted by passengers who are desperate to relieve themselves but have forgotten to bring any money with them? Will it be “sorry, wet yourself” or “here’s an air sick bag” or “hang on a moment, we’ll open the door and you can wee outside?”

R.O.A.R.:  Ryanair to charge for toilet use?
Michael O'Leary (Image via

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