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Serves Up Drinks To Patrons

Bermuda's Premier gets personally involved in tourism campaign

eTN Staff Writer  Feb 27, 2009

Bermuda's Prime Minister Ewart Brown has taken personally the promotion of the destination to the extent that he hosted an event called Happy Hour with the Premier at the Elbow Beach Veranda Bar, where he served up drinks to patrons.

"We thought adding a social event like this was a good way to invite the public to get involved with our effort to rejuvenate the tourism workforce. I have long believed intermingling every-day Bermudans with visitors is one of our greatest assets as a destination," said Brown before heading to the Elbow Beach to tend its bar this past Monday.

Brown's office released a statement saying that the PM is committed to the Department of Tourism's initiative "Rejuvenating the Tourism Workforce." In addition to Elbow Beach, Brown, who is also Minister of Tourism and Transport, will work at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Tucker's Point Club, and Newstead-Belmont Hills.

In related news, Brown expressed optimism towards the cruise sector following the launch of the Heritage Wharf cruise complex at Royal Naval Dockyard. The minister anticipated that Bermuda's cruise product would generate up to $69 million in revenue for the Island in 2009.

Bermuda's Premier gets personally involved in tourism campaign
Prime Minister Ewart Brown - Image via

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